Arcadia University campus

Philly USA 2014

Liberty Bell

Arcadia University in Philadelphia USA welcomed the Board of IAPAE and the gathered delegates. The Provost said “they were honoured that you have chosen to come to our University for the 7th Annual conference of IAPAE”.

 Arcadia has a long and strong history of Physician Assistants, both in the USA and as an international ambassador of the profession. They have supported and mentored the development of new programmes across the globe including Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

Dr Mike Dryer, Programme Director at Arcadia in his welcome said, “I have recently had the pleasure of serving on the IAPAE Board as Treasurer and continue to support and promote the work of the organisation, as the international voice of PA Educators”.

Arcadia University campus

Arcadia University is a university set in the historical heartland of the USA, with strong traditions of high quality education for our students; we welcome the 7th Annual Conference of IAPAE and hope that the conference will offer delegates the opportunity to also make history. The organisation honoured Dr Dryer with an award for outstanding contribution to the development of IAPAE.


IAPAE is a global academy of Physician Associate Educators, established in the year 2008 by a dedicated group of educators and clinicians to bring together physician associates globally to develop and share best educational practices while respecting regional cultures.

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