IAPAE Events

IAPAE Annual Conferences

The next conference will take place October 1-4, 2024 at the University of Lynchburg, in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States in conjunction with the Master of PA Medicine Program and the Doctor of Medical Science Program. This will be the 15th Annual IAPAE Conference. Consider attending!
Our annual conferences brings together health science educators, health professionals, students, institutions and organizations from across the world. We are the only global organisation providing an annual conference focusing on International Physician Associate and PA Analogue Education. Please join us to collaborate, network, and share your research.

International PA/PA Analogue Educator Meetings

Every four months, IAPAE conducts an online meeting for all international physician assistant/associate and PA analogue educators to share best educational practices and relate country updates. We meet via the IAPAE online community platform (similar to ZOOM). Any educator is welcome to join us and share in the quarterly meetings.

International PA/PA Analogue LOOOP Curriculum Mapping Project

International PA/PA Analogue Educators meet once a month to design and build the PA/PA Analogue LOOOP Curriculum Mapping Project, a long-term effort to map all the global PA/PA Analogue education curricula. IAPAE has a partnership with LOOOP – Learning Opportunities, Objectives and Outcomes Platform, to upload and analyse global curricula with a goal of understanding minimum competencies and accreditation standards for our profession.

LOOOP Project
Quarterly Webinars

Quarterly Webinars

IAPAE conducts online webinars on a quarterly basis to raise awareness and promote education for heath science educators and students. We design the online webinars to include relevant information for all PA/PA Analogue educators, practitioners, students and stakeholders. The webinar is open to IAPAE members.

Get involved in our mission, collaborate with educators from around the world, join the Academy and take part in our annual conference.