International PA/PA Analogue LOOOP Curriculum Mapping Project


With more than 60 countries around the world having a PA or PA Analogue education program and employment of this clinical practitioner, there is still much to learn and understand of the curriculum taught in each country. Therefore, IAPAE teamed up with a group of international PA/PA Analogue educators and the LOOOP curriculum mapping team to develop a multi-year project to map out the global PA/PA Analogue curricula. This project should lead to a global understanding of the content, learning objectives, exit outcomes and minimum competency standards expected of a PA/PA Analogue graduate, where every they are taught.

If you are a PA/PA Analogue educator, with experience in curriculum mapping, we invite you to join the International PA/PA Analogue LOOOP Curriculum Mapping Project to contribute to this global effort. The LOOOP team meets online monthly, on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Get involved in our mission, collaborate with educators from around the world, join the Academy and take part in our annual conference.