We are a global academy of Physician Associate and PA Analogue Educators

The International Academy of Physician Associate Educators is a volunteer-run organization of global healthcare educators who focus on the training and promotion of health professionals including clinical associates, clinical officers, health officers, medical assistants, medical licentiates, physician assistants and physician associates to name a few of the twenty-six titles used around the world for this important healthcare cadre. IAPAE refers to these healthcare practitioners as PAs, PA Analogues, or clinical practitioners.
Over 60 countries around the world offer education programs for the PA/PA Analogue professional. The education qualifications range from Certificates, to Diplomas, to Higher Diplomas, Bachelors, Honours, Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters and PhDs.
There are estimated to be more than 650,000 global clinical practitioners with these titles and degrees from the five geographic regions of the world including Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK, North, Central and South America and Oceania.
The International Labour Organisation and International Labour Standards, places these health professionals under the category of Paramedical Practitioners.

World Health Organisation recognizes clinical practitioners

The World Health Organisation defines this group of healthcare professionals as persons with two to four years of formal education, receiving a certificate, diploma, bachelors or masters degree from their country’s education authority who provide medical care as part of a healthcare team under physician supervision or in many countries, independent medical care. Within their scope of practice, they are trained to diagnose and treat common health problems, to manage emergencies, to refer appropriately, and to transfer the seriously ill or injured for further care. Most can prescribe medications for common conditions.
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Our Mission and Vision

IAPAE was started in 2007 by a dedicated group of educators and clinicians to bring together Physician Associates and PA Analogues globally to develop and share best educational practices while respecting regional cultures.


IAPAE brings together global Physician Associate and PA Analogue Educators to develop and share best educational practice by respecting regional cultures


We will be the leading international resource for existing and developing Physician Associate and PA Analogue Educational programs

Organisational purpose

IAPAE strives to represent PA and PA Analogue global educators and educational programs to promote recognition, understanding and the value-add of this important health cadre. IAPAE is working towards a universal global title to represent the health profession to be categorized appropriately by the World Health Organisation and other international regulatory bodies for a common understanding.
IAPAE through its efforts of members and stakeholders is developing internationally recognized global education standards, universal competencies and common exit outcomes for graduates.

IAPAE Strategic Plan

By sharing best educational practices and promoting PA and PA Analogue related educational research, IAPAE will increase the impact and delivery of healthcare through its members. The Academy promotes global scholarly activity to provide evidence for those seeking to develop PA/PA Analogue education in their own country.
IAPAE maintains an electronic repository of educational initiatives, expertise and experience acting as a conduit for information exchange across interested educational entities. Through networking and collaboration, IAPAE will promote direct contact between those seeking solutions and those with relevant PA and PA Analogue education experience.

IAPAE Board of Directors

The IAPAE Board of Directors is composed of dedicated educators and clinical practitioners promoting the mission, vision and aims of the organisation.

Get involved in our mission, collaborate with educators from around the world, join the Academy and take part in our annual conference.