The Beginning 2008

The Founding Board of Dana Sayre-Stanhope, Nick Ross, David Fahringer and I, Phil Begg, launched the organisation in an invitation only meeting, bringing together representatives from 14 countries around a table to discuss the challenges of developing a global forum that was inclusive and represented all analogues of the PA role. We agreed that the organisation needed to be renamed as it was an educators group that would focus on education standards and how they impacted the training of new clinicians and how the standards could be unified across the globe. The proposal was that the organisation be renamed the International Academy for Physician Associate Educators and that we would seek to be an inclusive organisation that brings together educators across the globe under a shared set of values and goals. It was also resolved that work began on developing a set of byelaws and the governance structures be set out before the next conference. We were agreed, we would take our conference to Africa.


IAPAE is a global academy of Physician Associate Educators, established in the year 2008 by a dedicated group of educators and clinicians to bring together physician associates globally to develop and share best educational practices while respecting regional cultures.

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