Vendor/Exhibitor Table [Virtual table]

  • 01/10/2024 - 04/10/2024
  • University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

Option 11 – Vendors who purchase a Vendor/Exhibition table (virtual, IAPAE will set up items) receive the following benefits:

  1. Vendor table (virtual, IAPAE will set up items) at Conference
  2. Space for Vendor stand for Vendor banner
  3. Vendor Logo on IAPAE  Website for 7 months (June to December 2024)
  4. Vendor Logo in the IAPAE Conference Programme, available at Conference & online
  5. Vendors are responsible for costs of shipment of vendor items to and from the conference venue
  6. IAPAE will set out Vendor items on the Vendor virtual table
  7. This option does not include any in-person entry to conference or social events
Please note: Registration for the Vendor/Exhibition table (virtual) Package cost $200.00.
  • Time : 09:00 - 17:00 (UTC-4)
  • Registration Deadline : 04/10/2024 9:00 am

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Vendor/Exhibitor Table [One person entry to virtual conference]