Global Repository and Toolbox Activity

IAPAE shares resources and educational tools in the ‘Members Only’ section to help educators and students to learn and contribute to the improvement of PA and PA Analogue education

IAPAE Worldwide Collaborators
IAPAE is the leading international organisation which recognizes the need to provide resources and support the PA / PA analogue profession and help in their education.
Through collaboration and participation of worldwide faculty, scholars, students, members and partnerships, IAPAE provides a global repository of resources and education tools including, templates for curriculum development, assessment tools, research paper writing guide, quality improvement projects, advocacy letters, and mentorship tools, to advance global PA and PA Analogue education.
Most of this work is conducted by three Committees: the Advocacy and Education Committee, the Communication and Repository Committee and the Innovation Committee.

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Global Repository & Toolbox
Together, with IAPAE members, the Board and partners, we can help your PA/PA Analogue program, faculty and students achieve the respective goals.
Global Repository & Toolbox

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