International PA and PA Analogue Education

IAPAE promotes the development and advancement of all global PA and PA Analogue education programs

The main activity of IAPAE is in supporting and promoting the global PA/PA Analogue education process. IAPAE works with relevant local, country and international stakeholders to increase the recognition and relevance of PA/PA Analogue education. We have supported multiple countries to create the healthcare cadre and design the program curriculum. We have collaborated with partners in India, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Switzerland, Poland, and most recently in Kosovo.
There are estimated to be more than 650,000 global clinical practitioners with over thirty-five different country practice titles representing this global health professional from the five geographic regions of the world including Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK, North, Central and South America and Oceania.
IAPAE has conducted educational surveys to inventory the global PA/PA Analogue programs for similarities and differences in content, delivery, assessments and exit outcomes. See Poster of Survey results presented at the IAPAE International Conference in 2018. Much of this work is conducted by the Advocacy and Education Committee of IAPAE.

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IAPAE will help your PA/PA Analogue program to develop and mature in line with global evidence based educational research and scholarly recommendations.

IAPAE Survey Poster – September 2018

IAPAE Survey Poster – September 2018

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