International Accreditation Activity

IAPAE, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, is developing international PA and PA Analogue educational standards

International Accreditation for PA & PA Analogue Programs
The International Academy of Physician Associate Educators supports the World Health Organization’s 2030 goal of providing Universal Health Coverage for delivering healthcare for all. IAPAE will work with and help the global PA and PA Analogue global educators and educational programs to create curriculum, define expectations, and measure outcomes that will enable the programs to fill the needs and bridge the gaps in the respective countries. Creation of accreditation standards will be in consultation with each of the countries focusing on their unique needs and taking into consideration the cultural expectations. Competency requirements will be guided by the Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for Universal Health Coverage.

The WHO Global Competency and Outcomes Framework:

“The Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for Universal Health Coverage identifies the health worker competencies towards the achievement of UHC organized within six domains: people-centredness, decision-making, communication, collaboration, evidence-informed practice and personal conduct. It then provides guidance for educators to integrate the competencies for UHC into competency-based curricula organized around specified practice activities for individual- and population- health services, as well as management and organization practice activities as relevant. This framework has been developed through the lens of 12-48 month pre-service education pathways.”

Read WHO report –  Global Competency and Outcomes Framework for Universal Health Coverage

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