Advocacy and Representation Activities

Through efforts by members, the Board, stakeholders and international partners, IAPAE advances the value-add of global PA and PA Analogue education programs

PAPA Analogue education institutions
There are estimated to be more than a thousand PA/PA Analogue education institutions world-wide. Each providing a curricula to educate and train their country titled practitioner. Whether the title is clinical associate, clinical officer, Feldsher, health officer, medical assistant, medical licentiate, or physician assistant/associate, each clinical practitioner demonstrates professionalism and commitment to universal healthcare. Yet, with over 650,000 clinical practitioners providing healthcare around the globe and the abundance of education programs, the cadre is still under recognized and under appreciated by many of the governments where they practice.
IAPAE is the leading international organisation to highlight the necessity of this health cadre and the value of their education. Much of this work is conducted by the Advocacy and Education Committee of IAPAE.

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Together, with IAPAE members, the Board and partners, we can help your PA/PA Analogue program to achieve recognition and value.

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