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We welcome all local and international delegates to Lynchburg, Virginia, United States for the 15th Annual IAPAE Conference. Lynchburg is a beautiful city in the state of Virginia on the east coast of the United States. The city was named after John Lynch, who set up the first ferry service to portage passengers and goods over the James River in 1756.

Flight Information for local and international Delegates:
There are both domestic and international airports near Lynchburg, Virginia.

Domestic and International airports near Lynchburg, VA

Delegates are advised to seek travel advice for the best airport to arrive given your departure location and connecting flights to the arrival airport. International delegates need to consider Immigration and Custom rules and laws to enter the United States.

A US Visa is required to enter the United States and present along with a valid passport at Immigration office. Please visit our Travel Visa Information page for more information.

International delegates may arrive to one of the many International Airport hubs throughout the United States, clear US Immigration and Customs, then take a connecting flight to an International or Domestic airport near Lynchburg, as listed above.

Please enquire with a travel expert for advice.

Ground Transport information:
For ground transport, train service is available to Lynchburg, Virginia using the Amtrak train service.

Bus service is available to Lynchburg, Virginia from most major cities using Greyhound Bus service.

Local taxi or eRide Share (Uber) are available within Lynchburg to the Conference venue and/or local hotels.

Please note: A free Conference shuttle bus will be available to transport delegates from the Conference Hotels to the Conference venue on the University of Lynchburg campus daily during the 3-day conference.

Delegates are responsible for making their own travel plans at their own travel costs to and from their home residence and the conference location/venue and/or hotel as final destination.

Visit the Lynchburg Tourism website for more information on the city of Lynchburg:

A listing of recommended hotels and accommodation options will be made available soon on our website. We will recommend hotels offering a Conference rate. We will provide a free shuttle bus during the conference to/from the conference recommended hotels to the conference venue on the University of Lynchburg campus.

Click here for a preview of accommodation offerings in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Return to this page to see listing of conference recommended hotels and accommodations

List of accommodation available near to IIT Gandhinagar

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During the conference, coffee, tea and snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon break sessions with lunches provided on 02, 03 and 04 October of the Conference. Light fare and drinks provided at the Meet and Greet on 01 October in the evening. The GALA Dinner is provided on Thursday evening, 03 October. All of these catering services are included at as part of the conference registration payment. Please note, there is no dinner provided on 01 and 04 October. We will make every attempt to cater to personal dietary needs.

There are many fine restaurants and food establishments for Delegate’s enjoyment in Lynchburg, located near the University of Lynchburg campus or only 3 miles (5km) to the downtown of Lynchburg from the conference venue at the University of Lynchburg campus.

Visit the Lynchburg Tourism website for food information:

All international visitors to the United States will need to apply for and receive a US Tourist Visa prior to departure to the United States. IAPAE Conference Delegates are informed to apply for a B-1 Business US Visa to enter the US and attend the conference during their visit to the United States.

For US Visa information, requirements and application to enter the United States, please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas.html

International delegates are recommended to also visit the website of the US Embassy in their own country to learn more about specific requirements to enter the United States from your home country.

IAPAE can provide delegates with an invitation letter and a US Visa Support Letter to include with your application and/or interview process. Please click here for an invitation letter and a US Visa Support Letter from IAPAE. You will be asked to provide personal information which will be placed on the Invitation Letter and Support Letter to match your details. Following completion of the form an email will be sent to your email address within 7 days with the Invitation Letter and the US Visa Support Letter as a PDF attachment.

Please email us at info@iapae.org for any assistance with the US visa application.

Please note: All US Visa and all related travel documents and expenses are the responsibility of the Delegate. IAPAE will not be held responsible for any costs incurred due to visa application process.

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